Mettler Toledo Safeline


Ideal for wide neck and non-uniform glass jars below 170mm height, the X3740 x-ray system ensures high levels of detection throughout the jar from the base corners to the cap.

Multiple Beams - Complete Inspection
One vertical and three horizontal x-ray beams ensure optimum contaminant detection throughout all areas of the glass container, avoiding blind spots.

High Throughput Capability
High speed processing enables throughputs of up to 1000ppm at 90 metres per minute depending on application, offering flexibility.

Adaptive Filtering Software
False rejects are reduced by adapting to each individual container while detecting contaminants and inclusions in the glass container.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Adaptive Software Automatic product variation compensation
Casing Material Stainless Steel
Connectivity External USB or Ethernet ports
Maximum Scan Height 300 mm
Conveyor Speed 10- 90m/min
Cooling Method Air conditioned main cabinet
Display Full color TFT 15inch touch screen
Temperature/ Humidity 5-40°C 30-85%
Power Options 80Kv 4.5mA
Power Supply 230V (50/60Hz)
Preset Memory Unlimited amount of product menus as standard
Traceability Changes of parameters, products & users
X-ray Detector 0.8mm diode as standard with an option of 0.4mm
X-ray Emissions less than 1 microsievert per hour
X-ray Protection Protective curtains

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