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C35 AdvancedLine Checkweigher
C35 AdvancedLine Checkweigher
Mettler Toledo Safeline


Precision and Versatility.
A throughput of up to 600 packs per minute, a weighing range from 3 g to 10 kg and extremely high weighing accuracy position the C35 AdvancedLine at the vanguard of checkweighing technology.

Customized Product Handling
Fully customizable with 250 performance and productivity enhancing options. Complete selection of product handling variants for smoothest product flow

Unparalleled in Challenging Environments
Designed for maximum endurance and reliability in wet, dry and harsh working environments. Specialized conveyors to match all production conditions.

Data Collection to Support Compliance
More than ten data communication protocols to provide the fullest suite of data collection tools. Supports Industry 4.0 integration projects.

Specifications - C35 AdvancedLine Checkweigher

Accuracy from ±0.01 g (10 mg)
Approval Weights & Measures design approval for official verification (MID certifiable)
Combination Options MD; X-Ray; Vision
Customization Options Bespoke Handling; OEM; Multilane
HMI 15"
Industry Food; Cosmetics; Other
IP Rating IP 54, optional IP 65 (water protection design)
Maximum Product Weight 10 kg
Product Width 400 mm
Production Environment Dry; Dusty; Wet; Explosive
Throughput >500 ppm
Transport Height 550 mm - 1 100 mm (± 50 mm)
Weighing Range 3 g - 10 000 g
Weighing Technology (Load Cell) EMFR
Material Number(s) 24003500

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