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V35 Round Line Vision Inspection
V35 Round Line Vision Inspection
Mettler Toledo CI-Vision


Complete 360° Label & Package Inspection.
Label and print verification for round, un-oriented products providing a full 360 degree view of product label and packaging.

The breakthrough design puts 6 cameras into a slim package, allowing the system to fit on crowded production lines.

Our state-of-the-art inspection routines ensure labels and prints are present and correct on round un-oriented packages and products.

Stainless steel design makes it ideal for use in washdown environments, conforming to IP65 specifications.

Specifications - V35 Round Line Vision Inspection

Camera Technology PC-based Camera
Package Orientation round
Product Sensor Capabilities Detects clear, opaque and diffused products
Software Platform CIVCore
Service Remote Support
Warranty 1 year warranty on all components
Label Check Label ID; Label Skew; Label Wrinkles; Vertical Label Placement
Code Check 2D Data Matrix; Alpha Numeric; Barcode; Inkjet Print
Cap & Fill Check Cap Color; Cap Presence/Absence; Fill on Transparent Containers
Custom Check Custom Applications
PC Windows 10 64 bit OS, Intel multi-core processor
Monitor (HMI) LCD 15 inch touch screen
Compliance CE; ISO13849; NFPA79; UL508A
Encoder Based Tracking Up to 256 parts across multiple conveyors
Lighting steady LED modules; strobe LED modules (for greater efficiency)
Control Hardware Enclosure stainless steel
IP rating IP 65
Multiple Reject Options Air blow-off; Pusher; Soft Finger Rejecter
Electrical Documentation IEC
Power Supply 115-230 V AC (single phase), 50-60 Hz; UPS battery backup
Documentation Multi-lingual interface (major languages)
Material Number(s) 24023500

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